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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on June 09, 1999 at 18:44:45:

In Reply to: captain darling posted by Gee on June 09, 1999 at 14:46:18:

: All the more reason for them not to get involved in the first place isnt it?

Its still authoritarian even if they never joined...

: Whilst libertarians, in my experience, tend to 'get over it' socialists, in even less experience, sometimes think the misery is 'good' and personal pleasure is selfishness, ie they *should* be miserable in this wicked world etc. Ever encounter that?

tend to get SPGBitis.
''ere we are, trying to organise a world wide democratic revolution by teh working class, and well, they're crap. Buncha wankers!'.

: Because I really cannot envisage a global acceptance of 'world socialism' by a vast majority (which it would need) in a small timeframe (which it would also need) I think the only way to develop it would be to demonstrate it and let the ideas compete.

Sure you havn't met Barry?
It wouldn't be an accurate comparisson, because those communes wouldn't be socialism.

: By asserting this its impossible to consider, just as if I said 'you see pink unicorns unconsciously, automatically' - are there explanations more grounded in observable testable reality?

No, because I can observe the functioning of such features in literature, and even in general simple cultural studies.

: It sounds as if this 'other' is actually the individuated self, the way you describe it.

No, the Other (Big O) is your parent when you're a child, or its your Headmaster, your teacher, your lover, depends on situation, and its basically telling you who you are- you can only know who you are, because you are told who you are (you'll never know you're dead, etc.).

: Like the snake which eats its tail that idea dissapears up its own loophole. It, to use the common phrase, doesnt make sense.

Monadic liberal subject- the idea that we are individuals, we generate our own desires, emaningsa, attitues, sperate from the rest of society, that we are complete and enclosed in ourselves.

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