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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 10, 1999 at 12:51:38:

In Reply to: *Smooch* posted by Red Deathy on June 09, 1999 at 18:44:45:

: Its still authoritarian even if they never joined...

You mean if they asked to be left alone, and spared the same land as one of the other communes would be using they would be subject the punitive action?

: tend to get SPGBitis. ''ere we are, trying to organise a world wide democratic revolution by teh working class, and well, they're crap. Buncha wankers!'.

Exactly! Its an arrogence of a type - they spend a few months reading Marx and then decide that workers will be their natural allies - one rally and the first hard hat wearing symbol of the oppressed workers they meet tells them to 'bugger off and get a job'. there is a certain ironic amusement to it though. Its like this June 18th thing, all those people will fancy themselves as being intellectual revolutionaries (which seems to involve throwing bricks at expensive cars and spray painting big looking buildings) whereas actually they will be perceived as a mild irritant by the very people who are 'supposed' to be in support of them. It always backfires - there is a huge difference between agitate and irritate.

: It wouldn't be an accurate comparisson, because those communes wouldn't be socialism.

I never met this Barry, shame - sounds like it would save me some typing!

regardless - although it wouldnt be an accurate comparison it would demonstrate general principles in action, better than on paper surely? (I know, your name isnt shirley)

: No, the Other (Big O) is your parent when you're a child, or its your Headmaster, your
teacher, your lover, depends on situation,

Except it isnt really any of them, its must really be their parents and teachers, no I mean the ones before, no not them - before them, yes thats it - those cretacious period pre-mammals.

: only know who you are, because you are told who you are

Using this model then those who tell you who you are have no corporeal form themselves. That we are from parents and live in society does not mean that every thought is from outside.

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