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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on June 12, 1999 at 13:02:33:

In Reply to: The comparison: a new URL posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on June 11, 1999 at 10:25:57:

Hello everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Of course, your appreciation is noted and reciprocated. Yes, it is a nasty business, all this peace-keeping and ex-communist restraining and all that. But, dear friends, it is most satisfying, and very much worth the effort. NATO may be performing functions quite outside their planned purpose, but with the utter failure of the old Left's plans to conquer the world in the name of the "people", there is a great deal of personnel left over to clean up the residue. You see, the old way that communist goons showed their displeasure (or was that the "people's" displeasure?) was to host a quaint little pogrom downtown. Milosevic, being an old ex-communist, and having an old ex-communist army/police force to work with, is having a bit of a difficulty making the adjustment to the 'new world order', as it were. It is simply NATO's painful job to ... bring the situation home, as it were.

It is nice to see that so many people are against genocide - it makes me warm inside to hear from so many honest, caring people. Now, all we have to do is resolve that bit of nastiness in Cambodia. (Isn't it appropriate that the ol' guard of the present regime in Vietnam welcomed the Khmer Rouge, the ... ahh ... 'stooges of American imperialism' ... back into the business? Guess murdering Cambodians is hard work - wouldn't do to send away some eager professionals so recently unemployed ...)

Ahh ... burying communism is SUCH fun. Rather about time too, y'think?

"Doc" Cruel

P.S. The Bosnians say 'hi'. And by the way ... they're grateful.

Capitalism 1, genocide 0. Tahnk you, Mr. Clinton (et. al.).

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