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Were any of them honest?

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on June 12, 1999 at 13:02:51:

In Reply to: but were they all honest? posted by eeze on June 10, 1999 at 10:40:33:


Well, the Sandanistas murdered Miskito Indians (in 1980, as soon as they gained power). They weren't able to mimic the good works of one 'Mr. Castro' because their opponents were armed and in the jungles. Of course, they would have been more than happy to - as witness their support of the FMLN in El Salvador (despite their loud remonstrations to the contrary, with arms as well as money, shuffled from the old "Evil Empire" and Co.). Actually, they were a nasty little group of revolutionary cutthroats, which the people cast off as soon as the opportunity presented itself (in an election that was resisted by the 'champions of the people', right down to mining known routes to ballot stations).

No, I don't think they were very nice.

Dr. Cruel

P.S. Incidentally, for remarking on these curious incidents in the 80's, a very nice Sandanista fellow offered to have me killed. So much for the decadent borgeouis ideal of free speech.

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