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Posted by: borg on June 12, 1999 at 17:46:48:

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: : then presumably if your local grocer robbed you and handed you carrots in return (whether you wanted them or not) that is also ok? You do get my point dont you?

: Yes I get your point. Your analogy is weak, however, you don't vote for the theiving grocer. There is no democractic process of control.

You've forgotten how to vote with your feet?

It's harder to do when leaving a "democratic" entity.

"Consumers can try out products by direct test. They buy a certain brand
of margarine and do not like it, so they do not buy it again. This
contrasts sharply with the political process in which choosing (voting)
politicians is conducted with no possibility of direct tests of success or
failure." _The Free Market Morality, The Political Economy of the
Austrian School_, Alexander H. Shand, Routledge Publishing

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