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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on June 15, 1999 at 14:10:46:

In Reply to: scary bunch? posted by Gee on June 15, 1999 at 11:36:25:

: Why are the UKIP scary? I just read their bit on the bbc site, they seem to have gotten 3 people in aswell.

They're head candidate on their N-West List John Whittaker (sp?), IIRC, works here at this Uni, scary bloke, economics lecturer who dogmatically teaches his view on the Single CUrrency- he left SOuth Africa at the end of Aprtheid to come here....

Been to one of their meetings- talked about gettign rid of Brussels bureaucracy (The EuroComission is the size of a Small County COuncil Bureaucracy, needs to be bigger to be effective ;) ), of the sort that we'd have anyway; and they talked about 1,000 years of tradition 9Dunno which country they were talking about, Scotland was Conquored in 1645, England's monarchy wouldn't know an unbroken line of sucession if it jumped up and bit it, etc). Basically scary neo-liberals riding on a nationalist ticket.

: They are, on the face of it non-racist, and nationalist only insofar as restricting political despotism to London (how kind of them)

Their subt-text is implicitly racist, IMNSHO.

: Isnt the BNP, which I understand to be overtly racist, with over 100,000 votes more scary, or even Scargills party with its restrictive laws in abundance creed and 86,000 votes?

The BNP played its racism down, but played a more Corporatist introverted nationalism, Scargills Stalinists (Half their London list are members of the Stalin Society) isn't worth a candle. they're scary, but they didn't win any seats. Scargill's Stalinists have less mebers than we have- but more money.

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