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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, UK ) on June 15, 1999 at 23:32:21:

In Reply to: they dont sound very neo liberal to me posted by Gee on June 15, 1999 at 16:01:08:

: Lots of people left - it isnt significant in and of itself (innocent till proven guilty remember)

I've met him (Should have seen his face when we said we'd abolish money)- terrible breath.

: If he just teaches single currency then he's keeping things kinda narrow. if he is dogmatic - does that mean consistent, its a word often used in dislike of consistency. So far im only a little wary of him...

No, he teaches economics, but on the single currency he will only give his view, and come down on students who take a different view.

: oh dear, im going off them already - thats simple conservatism

Their ex-leader said to Vote Tory...

: Dont see how you got from there to this conclusion, they sound a litle more like conservatives with a monetarist economic policy, a healthy disdain for self serving political arrangements, but little further interest in individual liberty (nationalism is a naughty word for individualists). Perhaps the lesser of some of the evils on the menu that day - would have to check the whole party position though, they might turn out to be just as bad as the rest.

I think it may be a mixed bag- Whittaker is v. much Neo-Liberal...

: in the sense of nationalism, rather than overt race-origin-colour?

Yes, and I can't see any differnce between nationalism and racism.

: I looked at their site, it would make a good addition to the conspiracy list at Yahoo. They seem like fascist statists with the 'appeal' of saying "you can do what you you like as long as we agree"

Thats the bunnies, their chat site is a scream.

: It worries me that 86 people would vote for out and out despotism, but 86,000!

Yeah, I don't like it- they've less members than we have, I hate it :(

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