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I'm writting a book on socialism, kinda as a response to the anarchist FAQ anyone want to lend a hand?

Posted by: lark ( Socialists, Ireland ) on June 16, 1999 at 18:06:27:

Anyone who has an opinion on socialism in general, it's history, or it's relation to a specific aspect of life EG ecology (hey SDF my main man, fellow revolutionary eco-socialist should have a word or two there) or Liberty (Red Deathy you big old part political anarchist) even if you hate it (I'd like to know why people hate it so I can prove them wrong), fire it this way, I appreciate wee essays if your all on form.

Cheers guys, not in touch much because I have to use the slow library computers because Uni has quit for the summer but I'm here in spirit, Cheers, good luck.


P.S. Gee your last psot to me said I thought everyone who disagreed with me was a facist, that aint true, I dont mess about with that word because that'd make it meaningless and unsignificant. Anyway I think you where angry sorry if I insulted you mate, take everything I say with a pinch of salt (or chilli sprinkles, that's what I prefer), it's all banter I fundamentally disagree with you but I can empathise with a fellow politico easily, at least your not apathetic.

P.P.S Hey McSpotlight Persons! I think you all should publish a magazine. Any word on the Anarchist FAQ book yet?

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