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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 17, 1999 at 14:58:04:

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: Here is my naive version of how the work should work:


: I think that we should have a system where there is no money.

Why precisely? Because its a sote of wealth, because its tied to an exchange value? You must explain this stuff.

: That is, say, a hairdresser cuts hair for free, and in return she gets her plumbing done for free.

Thats trade

: But this is without obligations or anything, she may not cut the plumber's hair, but she still receives free services.

Thats idealism - and pretty vicuous at that. So what happens when no one is willing to do the hair or the plumbing? Im waiting the arrival of the 'people' justice police' to ensure people are "nice" to eachother.

: The problem with this theory, is that people are greedy, and some people feel that they deserve more than others, for example a doctor studies for about six years and expects more luxuries for his hard work.

The problem is that people value in a discriminatory fashion - they may not want you to have th clothes nthey make for your plumbing service - they may really want toasters and go swap with the toaster man first.

: Another problem is that people don't want to work for free, but then if everyone did, they wouldn't have to worry because they'd also get everything for free.

The first reason answered why the latter proposition wont happen.

: A final problem is that we would need the system in every country in the world, as if only one country did this,

Wraps up the chances of it happening even more tightly in zero dont you think?

: Am I making sense?

Only after ive translated it into Red Deathy explanations

: I'd be happy to work and not get paid, but I need the money so that I can buy other things. I guess it wouldn't work in the end though. Who would be working in the supermarkets and McDonalds' if it weren't for the money.

Youce answered why youre above theory wont go.

: A lot of their employees are students, who need the money, but if everything was free, they wouldn't be working there because they need the time to study (or socialise).

and supermarkets would be empty, people starving etc.

: It would only work in an ideal world, I know, but we can always dream.

Your ideal world, sure. groovy

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