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Dear Nato

Posted by: Copenhagen ( pleb assembly, The fields of arcady ) on June 20, 1999 at 14:28:09:

Dear Nato,

I would like to express my very great thanks for your recent actions in the Kosovo 'war'. Your desicive actions have sent a warning to all who would violate the noble provision against genocide contained in the universla declaration on human rights.

Assuredly none will dare now. You sure did stop it. No negotaitations with that bastard Milo (who assuredly bears a striking resemblance to Hitler in the moonlight). You got in there to STOP THE ROT. TO STOP THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

Oh, I know that what a few thousand of the Muslims in Kosovo were raped or murdered, or watched their chidren being shot or were buried in mass graves or were tortured etc, etc. I know as well that many innocent serbians were killed in the bombing campaigns. BUT NO NATO soldiers were killed. Hallelujah. I know they are soldeiers and as such p[aid to fight for their keep, but why should they be exposed in a brutal ground war when there are so many civilians to act as casualties. I mean the ethnic cleansing was stopped...eventually (hang on wasn't that the whole point?).


your faithful servant.

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