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What do you mean with a socialist system of government?

Posted by: Comrade Loikkanen ( Finland ) on June 22, 1999 at 15:07:47:

In Reply to: Communist crap posted by Enemy of the New World Order on June 22, 1999 at 12:50:14:

: Socialism has at its heart, a globalist vision. Like it or not, most countries are adopting socialist systems of government. Take for example the continent of europe where I can't think of a non-socialist government. This movement has pervaded International laws on human rights and is consistently supported by the media.

What do you mean with a socialist system of government? Do you mean that a socialist governemnt automaticaly is a socialist system of government or is parlamentarism a socialsit system of government.

: Capitalism is the best system. It isn't a perfect system, but it does provide for individualism and invention. Both of these are stifled under a socialist (communist) system. The old adage that power corrupts, but that absolute power corrupts absolutely is especially true of the socialistic international order and its attempts to undermine the nation state.

How come the capitalist system is the best and why do you think that a socialist system stifles individualalism and invention? Many people like Einstein have said the opposite that the socialist system would help the people to use there brains in a more creative way then in capitalism. About underminding the nation state a good example of what socialist have done in the past is that my own country got it's independce by the communists in Russia, becaus they belived that the finnish people should get to rule there own country.

: Stalin and Hitler were both socialists. How many people died when they seized absolute power?

Stalin was a capitalist and Hitler a fascist. No wonder they got a long so well.

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