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Posted by: rabblerouser ( freelance anarchist/socialist ) on June 23, 1999 at 10:56:19:

In Reply to: Communist crap posted by Enemy of the New World Order on June 22, 1999 at 12:50:14:

: Socialism has at its heart, a globalist vision. Like it or not, most countries are adopting socialist systems of government. Take for example the continent of europe where I can't think of a non-socialist government. This movement has pervaded International laws on human rights and is consistently supported by the media.

Interesting. Indeed a capitalistic media would eagerly report of the atrocities of "socialistic" counties just as Tass and Pravda reported of capitalistic exploits. Could this be perhaps because the U.S. media consists primarily of a handful of Fortune 500 mega-corporations?

: Capitalism is the best system. It isn't a perfect system, but it does provide for individualism and invention. Both of these are stifled under a socialist (communist) system. The old adage that power corrupts, but that absolute power corrupts absolutely is especially true of the socialistic international order and its attempts to undermine the nation state.

And only in capitalist America does ingenuity flourishes? Methinks one should consider ingenuity exists elsewhere also.

For example, the USSR did put the first man in space (though since many consider the USSR to be a state capitalist regime, I may have inadvertently supported your claim). And Cuba is noted for their medical and educational advances, though the embargo and Soviet collaspe has severely hampered their efforts.

Or in fascistic society: Germany still had technological advances, and they sure made great autobans, even if their mustachioed midget with a bad haircut hadn't quite grasped the concept of human rights.

However, more important, capitalistic (corporate or state) and fascistic societies generally only consider inventions useful if it derives profit, or if it somehow benefits the ruling classes. Damn those who may cry of human rights abuses or environmental devastation! Conversely a true socialistic society would consider the social and human benefits of an invention by allowing the public to decide its pros and cons.

: Stalin and Hitler were both socialists. How many people died when they seized absolute power?


National Socialism is NOT socialism. Socialists embrace a democratic and inclusive society where the public makes decisions about how the resources are allocated as well as just merely choosing which of the corporate-sponsored candidates will "represent" us.

Socialists believe property and means of production belong to the people, not just an elite few who hold "ownership" documents.

Socialists do not preach racial supremacy, nor do they promote totalitarianism. Furthermore, what's "socialistic" about a Nazi regime who caters to the preferences of the elite industrial barons of Germany (including Americans such as Ford, etc.,...)?

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: McSpotlight: *sigh*; another person who thinks that Hitler was a socialist; someone find the guy a dictionary.

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