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Deathy: Hegel's mouthpiece

Posted by: borg on June 23, 1999 at 15:24:10:

In Reply to: About Positivity. posted by Red Deathy on June 22, 1999 at 12:51:28:

: : It is not whether or not there are constraints to what you can do, Shannon may answer by restating the non aggression principle. It is about who is doing the hemming, why, and whether punitive action is reserved for those unwilling to be 'hemmed in'.

: Right, time for a logic bomb:

Yes. Deathy's specific subjectivist kind, backed up by

: Except libertarianism posits a mad god dictator in the form of the market.

The Borg is here. We have come to assimilate you with the one
and only true free market. You shall become as One. Part of
The Hive.

MacDonalds are our advance men, fattening you up nicely.
We wrote the book "How to Serve Man". Your tender flesh is
highly prized thruout the known [to us] universe.

Be 'appy. Don' worry.

: Of coruse, I could turn round and punch holes in current society- what if people stop agreeing (as they voluntarilly do) to accept Dolalrs? What if people decide that religion is better than lending money and usury? Current society is predicated on all sorts of unspoken agreements, that allow it to reconcile itself with social Being.

Yes. You will be assimilated. I doubt that it will be
to your liking.

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