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Deathy V. Uber-Zen meister Borg

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on June 23, 1999 at 17:23:27:

In Reply to: Endless claims and counterclaims. posted by borg on June 23, 1999 at 14:48:28:

: The Fatal flaw in the argument is to assume that there is a self to own. There is no self-without society.

: Bald assertion.

Largely because I've run through teh arguments before, but lets try again:

Language, we cannot know the world beyond langugae, we cannot express ourselves, or understand without language (viz. the worf-sappirr hypothosis). All knowledge is retroactive, assimilation of thoughts into words.

Further, 'Language is social consciousness, in as much as it only exists for other men' (Marx) (And we do have to answer the point, if humans are not social beings, howcome Lnguage is an innate part of our facilities?).

I can only express myself in words given meaning by otehrs, by society at large, I can only know myself throuugh seeing myself reflected in these words (Note: most words for internal states are infact old metaphors, concept, grasp, thought, etc. are appropriations from the phenomenal world to describe the internal).

All language implies an interlocuter, is inherently social, when you are talking to yourself you are talking from an imagined position in relation to yourself.

Without langugae we have no self- see the evidence of the Wild Children raised outside human society.

: You've said it all before. Guns and
: bully clubs are the answer to those that disagree.
: Oh, you'll not be the one to wield them. You appear to be
: a "nice chap". But ideas have consequences...mostly unintended.

I don't recall ever anywhere advocating Guns to use against the unwilling, as I recall, I've always said I beleive minorities are free to disagree, but we'll enact socialism anyhow. they'll just have to deal with the real world as they find it made by others.

I was born into a world made by others, into a languugae made by others, a time and ideologies made by others, I've made them my opwn and do my best with them.

: Here we go again.

Yes, more gnomic statements without any actual propositions for action. You have allready been assimilated Borg. Reckon you;re an individual? Strange how often I've duplicated the *exact same argument* with different indvidiualists and libertarians, perhaps they've all been borged.

7 of 9 didn't want to be assimilated by Humans. We are Humans we will assimilated you and interpellate individuality on you.

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