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Posted by: Dark Truth on June 24, 1999 at 12:33:21:

In Reply to: I burn posted by Happy Jack the Trigger Man on June 23, 1999 at 10:54:59:

: Comunism: Comunity first
: Socialism: Society first
: Capitalism: Capital first

: That is propaganda(it over simplifies some complicated terms) but it rings true with me. We live in a society that quantifies, rationalizes, and justifies every action with $$$$$$. I'm only 22 and I haven't had that much formal education but I have been around my crazy country, and I have seen despair and poverty. Democracy is dying. There is only one political party in the US. The wealthy party. Politicians are baught and sold by corporations like livestock. They care about their own ass and funding there next campaighn. I do not know that much about politics on the practical side but in theory I know that we need to level the playing field a little more. Honest hard working people are scrapping by while the rich enjoy martini lunches and discuss the possible gains of moveing factories over to mexico. If anyone knows how to fix this system let me know. I await your reply. Happy Jack

Well said.
I must agree...A level playing field is needed. Unfortunately the change you ask for will not come in a day...Or even a year.

First we must unhorse the juggernaught of commercialism and commercialist propaganda. I think that the current system would suffice if integrity was still a time honored value among the masses. It isn't.

At one point in time Human Beings were actually evolving. Spiritually and intelectually. In the past hundred years(especially the last 50) we have debased ourselves to common greed whores.

Terence McKenna really broaches the subject in THE ARCHAIC REVIVAL. I suggest it highly.

In a nutshell he claims that the over saturation of the media and powermongers in D.C. have stunted our natural evolution.

We need to shut off the tube...Stop voting (until a real leader comes about)...And start asking the right questions..."Whats it all about... Why are we here...What happens after death...Who am I...Who is God...Are they the same...different?"

These and questions like these are vital to both individual and mass evolution of the speicies. Our priorities and passions are mundane and debilitating in comparison. I dont care if theres a new and improved Corn Flakes on the shelves...I dont care...Not in the least. Nor do I care whether my car has all the special features that my buddy's does. I dont care to keep up with the Jonses.

Try a little experiment (I am currently and its great)!!!

Get rid of the "programming" (interesting term for it) on your television. Begin to read(about anything), write, search your soul and your mind to come to terms with your personal existence, your place in the world.

I currently have a TV but it receives no channels and I have no cable. Just snow unless I pop in a movie. I read all of Keroauc. I go and do things non-shopping related. I contemplate life.

I've been doing this for four months now. Guess what...I'm content for the first time since I was a child. It is amazing.

Damn the establishment! Participate in their game as little as possible. Its bad enough we have to go to their schools and work ungodly hours until we're old and decrepit. They're keeping us unfocused...purposely I think...Mass epiphany would be catastrophic to their dark souls.

Never chain yourself the Dog chasing its own tail...

But lash yourself tightly to the bough riding the crests of the eternal river.


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