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are stupid goods a sign of a free country?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 24, 1999 at 12:50:17:

Well, more for entertainment is this link

I thought it was funny. But it does raise a point. One thing many people in certain circles fret over is how people prefer rubbishy plastic gimmicks to 'great works of art' (ie those approved by the arty elite or church going goodies or my own favoured snobs - whoever).

Others blanche at the scale of material being poured into crappy products which people buy for mild amusement - which they would personally prefer to see used elsewhere.

I would say that an abundance of crap is a sign of a wealth soaked (ie soaked top to botttom) populace. That the unwillingness of people to be impressed by animals in preservatives as art, 'modern dance', 'meaningful' plays and other tax sponsored 'art' (ie that which would rightly die off if left to choice) is of no concern.

Ofcourse there is a counter point - why do people like crap so much? I hardly ever buy a gimmicky piece of nonsense, I wonder what others get out of it. Hmmm - is it all part of a 'dumbing down' conspiracy starting with 'math is what you feel about it' schooling?

anyway, something different.

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