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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 24, 1999 at 15:41:04:

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: No, the answer is to have a free society, within which we all play a conscious and active part,

we already do.

: living through the State rather than against the state.

Not when 'living through the state' means having to compromise every value against your interest whilst an altlernative exists.

: Which it inevitably must if he wants to go on living as teh liberal individual with his private property (someone has to recognise property rights, someone has to gaurantee money, tehre must be a master, even if an imaginary one.).

Hence money was based upon things of exchange value (not govt promises) and property rights were recognised by every thief, hence not taking in direct view. Recognition that you are your own, your thoughts are your own and what you create with them are your own, absolutely and tough luckingly regardless of your influences.

: a conrete universalisation, of the State.

This doest really make sense as an expression meaning "united in a
solid form comprehending the whole"

: Hegel's example being the Hellenic Polis.

Greek police?

: Or by gambling,

Choice, cant gamble with nothing.

: or by extortion, or by rent extraction, much of which does not require additional creation of value. And of course, not everyone can be productive, teh sick, weak, diabled cannot work thusly.

Inheritors of land eh! cant shoot em, cant rob em. And no some people are unable to produce to survive which mean no more than some people are unable to produce to survive.

: In a cricket macth, if we lose it is our fault,

The analogy drove at the point - you can do you best and lose because of others you cannot control (you said of market) your choice to play.

: Yes, abundance Grows, but who for, the numbers of impoverished grow as well, correspondingly.

Almost the entire human population were once in what we would now call impoverished condition. Every year the % gets less (and thos with a vested interest in having people poor move the goalposts of poverty) even if the volume goes up (only because death is not as likely)

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