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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, UK ) on June 25, 1999 at 19:20:03:

In Reply to: born poor? punish those who arent. posted by Gee on June 25, 1999 at 17:53:47:

: Did I say blame? Did I say others should pass judgement upon you for being born, or yourself - no.

But are you to blame for what you *do*? Being born black is what you are, being born Rich is what you do- difference.

: To set about anyone not in a slum with the righteous indignation of "you must help" and the authoritarian coercion of ends justifying means? One was born rich the other wasnt, thats it, trying to make one out to be the thief or to be obliged on pain of punishment to relieve the other is naked tyrrany.

Erm, but you have accepted the notion of totality, gee, that its all one big system, so the one kid is rich *because* the other is poor. You yourself say the Market is the work of human consciousness, thus riches and poverty are the work of human consciousness.. being rich is something you do.

: A free society does not say "you must help or else" it says "I will not stop you from helping"

Argh! Bourgeois chairty, what a lot of wank. NEVER GIVE TO CHARITY! Compleete toss, conscience slaving toss.

: If I am slower than Donovan bailey due to my genetic potential then I am slower. If I am less educated than Eton schoolboy because I was born in Ghana then I am less educated. Bailry is not 'hoarding' genetics from me, the Eton boy is not 'hoarding' what he has been able to learn from me.

No, you're confusing two different things, Mr. Bailley has a physical potential for speed, but the Eton kid has been tuaght by human consciousness and action. If I murder your mother, have I hurt you? Again you reify the market, make it a force of nature. You're highly inconsistent.

: Its a chosen obligation, there being a difference between what you choose (agree) to be obliged to do and what you have not chosen (ie been forced to against your will).

Is it: sign on the Condom machine "My daddy says they don't work."
You choose to take the money, you have to accept the cosnquences.

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