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Posted by: Asarualim on June 26, 1999 at 11:53:16:

In Reply to: The imperatives for a socialist future posted by Marcos on June 25, 1999 at 23:34:22:

Well, I'm finally back to the messageboard! Sorry I've been gone so long but work's been a bitch. Anyhow, on to it then!

: 1. Democracy
: Democracy is the ideal that all people dedicated to Socialist Revolution are struggling for. However, students of Marx and Lenin well know that true democracy can come only after a transition period during which the doddering and enervated ruling class and its running dog lackeys are destroyed. We cannot build a Socialist Future on the present corrupt foundations of capitalist exploitation and injustice. The means of production must be seized by the proletariat, violently if necessary. The mass media, currently the tools of bourgeois propaganda and hypnosis, must be converted into weapons for Revolutionary victory. All institutions of learning must be placed under the strict control of the guardians of Scientific Socialism, so that the next generation becomes enthusiastic and forceful adherents of Marxism and Leninism.

But who will guard the guardians? A violent revolution does sound like a very appealing solution; however, it is unlikely to occur because of the very reasons you listed: control of the media by the bourgousie. The most that I think is possible under the current system is a gradual series of reforms that erode at the power of capital and large corporations in general. However control of the media by "the guardians of Scientific Socialism" is no better than the current system of propaganda. The (ostensible) reason for a free press is to allow for teh free flow of ideas, debate, and concurrent decision by the masses who then engage in the democratic process, so they don't have to worry about "the guardians of Scientific Socialism"

: 2. Morality:
: It is vitally necessary to undo the fallacies of love ties to individuals and spread this to society. A vital component of the socialist future is the dissolution of marriage and long term relationships between men and women. It is vital because when people favor one person over another, whether it be a man favoring one woman or a parent favoring their offspring, they cease to behave in the interests of the equal totality. Many socialists shy away from this, but that is cowardly. Pair bonding and parent-child bonding is inimical to universal equality in a brotherhood of humankind. All favoring of one person over another by people must be eliminated for this is what destabilises the equality of our socialist future.The Clintons have gone some way toward this with Bills infidelity and Hillory's child rearing advice (it takes a village) and I praise their socialist sides' courage but it only touches the tip of the iceberg. In our new workers’ society sex will take on its proper role as a means to increase the numbers of the next generation of Young Socialists to defeat the remnants of the rotting capitalist past and any resurgant individual favoring. In our new society men and women will discover that the most ecstatic pleasure of all is to serve the Revolution ceaselessly and selflessly!

Uhhhh, whatever you say. I think economic revolution is sufficient; destroying the family seems to be really unneccessry. While from a sheer perspective of efficiency, standardizing the production of people has its benefits, it seems a little overkill. Placing that kind of power in the hands of the state is a little too dangerous. It can quickly lead to the creation of a Hitlerjugend or whatever the socialist equivalent would be. A side note, you seem to have a very mechanical view of sex; how disappointing.

: 3. Drugs
: There is but one purpose for the mind-numbing poisons that the profit-crazed purveyors of misery sell to the masses. And that is to keep the underclass in a perpetual, addicted enslavement to the Almighty Dollar Worshippers and their anti-social henchmen. There will come a time when the well-armed young soldiers of proletarian advancement will sweep this nation clean of the monstrous anything-for-a-buck dope peddlers and the multi-billionaires they answer to. In the new society drugs will have no appeal to youth who are hooked on service to the collective.

Uhh, whatever you say. Heavy drug use and other self destructive behaviour is, too a certain extent, natural for youth. However, the sheer depravity of some users in their stupidity is the result of some personal reason and may/ may not be because of economic dislocation. I see no reason why drug use would cease under a socialist alternative.

: 4.Churches and Religion
: The distribution of influence and care needs to be taken away from bigoted religious mystics, agents of bourgeois reformism, and PR managers for pseudo-philanthropic robber barons. All goods, all care should be placed entirely under the control of capable administrators of Scientific Socialism, who will correctly dispense it to those who help the Revolution and deny it to those who would wreck the Revolution.

I see no reason why private groups can provide charity if they want to, but I think they should play only a minor role. Universal healthcare, housing, etc. is very easy to achieve and should probably be the first things socialized. My only problem with private religious facilities is that besides tacitly pushimg dogma in what is a public good, they also usually deny some forms of care under auspice of their "religious principles". That is why abortion, family planning, and birth control is not covered by insurance companies (viagra is though) and is not available in many hospitals.

: 5. Racism
: Racism is simply a means by which the sadistic wardens of wage slavery attempt to divide the victims of the factory system. Workers of the World unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Your right on this one allright!

: There you have it comrades. 5 imperatives of our socialist future.

But a socialist future that I don't want to live in, at least not taht socialist future.

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