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Lenin must go!

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on June 28, 1999 at 17:10:18:

In Reply to: And of the others? posted by Marcos on June 28, 1999 at 13:56:16:

: : SDF: Here is where I stop reading. Anyone who has been fooled by the legacy of Lenin has not read Lenin, mostly a mass of divisive, bickering attack-prose is what he wrote, nor has he read the important secondary literature such as Julius Braunthal's 3-part HISTORY OF THE INTERNATIONAL, notably part 2, nor has he adequately read the theoretical literature on Leninism, notably Johann P. Arnason's THE FUTURE THAT FAILED. I cannot think of a worse thing that could have happened to the socialist movement, than Lenin.

: You have nothing to say?

SDF: You have nothing to read? Braunthal, Arnason et al. say what I want to say better than I could say it.

: Are you a socialist or a dreamer?

SDF: It should be pretty damn obvious from my citation of Braunthal. On the other hand, what is to say about those who think "socialism" can be faked through Leninist coup d'etats, and who proclaim such foolishness loud and clear to the world? Even Lenin himself admitted (on his deathbed) that he had laid the ground for Stalinism.

: Are you one of these neo-socialists who think it will all just happen.

SDF: Do you believe that blundering and violent actions to establish the Czarist model of "communism" worldwide (as Lenin performed) are better than no actions at all?

: I thank you for your suggested reading, but would contend that Arnason is not a truthful analysis

SDF: Why? Please cite quotations or paraphrase (while referring to page numbers) to show me precisely where you think Arnason is in error.

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