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Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens against Leninism, USA ) on June 29, 1999 at 11:35:13:

In Reply to: I am disappointed posted by Marcos on June 29, 1999 at 01:54:17:

: : SDF: It should be pretty damn obvious from my citation of Braunthal. On the other hand, what is to say about those who think "socialism" can be faked through Leninist coup d'etats, and who proclaim such foolishness loud and clear to the world? Even Lenin himself admitted (on his deathbed) that he had laid the ground for Stalinism.

: It is of no concern, we may learn from mistakes but to sit and wait is without fruition, meanshile millions are oppressed, millions are alienated from the collective.

SDF: Which one is the collective, which one is the alienated millions?

: : SDF: Do you believe that blundering and violent actions to establish the Czarist model of "communism" worldwide (as Lenin performed) are better than no actions at all?

: There is no blundering in Scientific Socialism.

SDF: Then I can't blunder, either, as long as I maintain in all pomposity that my actions are "scientific". Try to adopt a philosophy of science some day.

: I am disappointed in your analysis. having read some of your other posts I was of the belief that you understood the necessity of action and indeed control to stamp out the capitalist animals from our planet and our childrens minds.

SDF: Good. Disagreeing with you will make me more credible in the eyes of many others.

: : SDF: Why? Please cite quotations or paraphrase (while referring to page numbers) to show me precisely where you think Arnason is in error.

: Mr Fassbinder, do not engage in such nonsense! You know that I am not about to enter into a lenghty thesis on the matter - you know that I shall not spare such alot of time - nor would you.

SDF: Scientific socialism, but no time for science. LOL!

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