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No Comrade.

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on June 29, 1999 at 15:04:18:

In Reply to: waiting can be no answer! posted by Marcos on June 29, 1999 at 01:51:38:

: It is a development of Marx comrade.

I'm no comrade of yours.

:It is a recognition that the socialist revolution needs action.
Marx recognised teh revolution needed action, thats what the IWMA was. We do act, we prosyletise, we build and campiagn, and that all we can do. In making teh vanguard the world-historical agent, Lenin was nearer to Hegel than he was Marx.

:Laissez faire socialism does not com about, it is defeated by inequality. Your organisation has fed upon the death of crypto-communist countries but now sits back and waits.

Who said anything about laissez-Faire (nice tag-phrase, must be very easy to dismiss all opposition that way, might I also suggest 'petit-bourgeois', thats worked well in the past as well.). We do not wait, we work, and have been working, calling for an immediate revolution- its up to teh working class to heed, we will not, unlike others, sublimate our frustration into minority and authoritarian action.

: You find the use of power over the sick capitalist animals to be wrong? Are you a socialist?

Strangely, Marx never hated the Capitalists thus, look to his Defense of the Paris Commune, he notes how human the communards were, a Leninist would just have justified slaughter. I am against Vanguards leading workers to slaughter, and then sluaghtering them themselves. Such authoritarian behaviour cannot bring about the revolution.

: Krondstadt is an aberation, it is capitalism rearing its vile head and creating change. That is no to be blamed upon Scientific Socialism.

1:The revolt at Krondstadt was a revolt by 'the advanced sections of teh working class', teh very sailors who led red October turned against it, in disgust. Nothing to do with Capitalism, it was an autonomous workers revolt.
2:Nothing to do with Scientuific socialism, everything to do with vanguardism, and tiny minorities clinging to Power, desperately. I recomend Victor Serge's 'Memoirs of a Revolutionary'

: But it is sinking not raising. You recall "false consiousness" from your studies yes? It pushes out the mass consciousness you want, we would wait for the end of the earth!

But we're not waiting, we're working to raise consciousness, thats our job, one Vanguardists neglect pitifully.

McSpotlight: It would make the debate much more readable for people who *don't* have degrees in politics if people could define their terms when they first use them. What exactly is meant by "Crypto-Communist"?

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