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A New Five Year Plan

Posted by: Asarualim on June 30, 1999 at 10:24:39:

Well, since everyone has discussed concrete ways to usher in socialism, it is time for to contribute my two cents. This is my theory about how socialism, or a sort of proto-socialism can be created in America.

1. Re-socialise the banking industry. I say resocialize because the creation of the federal reserve, FICA, tax subsidies, SEC, the Treasury Dept, etc. have all insured that it is impossible for large money centered banks to go bankrupt or ever feel the brunt of the "free market." In other words the market is rigged in the favor of capital. I suggest taht instead of teh proceeds of government interventiob go to a lot of rich old white guys, it instead is rechanneled into government or distributed equally among the citizenry. I prefer the later with common votable stock, unexchangeable in the market, because it brings a sort of democratic control to capital that allows it to be used to promote the needs of teh community and not the needs of profits. I also think that the Feeral Reserve should lose its "independance" and be placed directly in the service of the executive branch of government. Also, some inflation should be encouraged to take the bite out of capital right now, relieve debtors, and stimulate growth. Finally, usury laws should be reintroduced in order to protect debtors and allow for more effective monetray policy.

2. Make advertising taxable and forbid media companies to be ownbed by other companies or to be invested in outside ventures. This helps remove some of the impetus towards self censorship that pervades the mass media today.

3. Demilitarize. The US has no enemies yet spends more on military "defence" then the entire world combined. This should free a loot more resources up to be used for public goods, destroy the military-industrial complex, and prevent us from going on more "peacekeeping missions" to "spread democracy" to our neighbors i.e. the overthrow of many latin america governments and the brutal murder of 100,000s of noncombatants.

4. Universal education, universal health care, universal dental care, universal welfair, and universal housing. The first is alnmost done, just have to apportion funds more equitably and atively fuund colleges. The second and third almost here two; medicare & medicade do wonders and simply by expanding an existing program we could provide exceellent health care for all; simply expabnd the health coverage all members of congress have to the entire citizenry of america! The fourth measure can be done easily by making it progressive; the more you work the more aid you get. The final issue is also not that difficult to acomplish but is a little tricky because it could lead to profiterring, sububan sprawl, and other undesirable effects.

5. Tax Time! A truely progressive tax must be instituted that really redistributes wealth so that a strong mass consumption base can be created and poverty is abolished. Also capital must be taxed at the same rate as labor; this way there is no artificial constraint on determining the proper combination of labor and capital in production (current tax laws subsidize or lightly tax capital investments thereby tilting the scales towards capital, creating unemployment, and impeding economic efficiency).

6. Transportation. Effective and cheap transporation is a must for a socialist future! America needs a large scale public transportation system that is economically feasible and environmentaly sound. A system of subways in all major cities and high speed trains connecting them too must be built. Furthermore, the train industry, which practically run by the government anyhow, should be nationalized.

7. International capital flows. Tax them. Short term speculation, in and out capital flows, etc. should be eliminated through punitive taxation. This prevents harmful disruption of econmies due to vafgaries of the financial market hence preventing another Asian Contagion debacle.

8. Fund basic scientific research. Private industry and charity is incapable of providing enough research into the fundamental questions of the universe. Industry's good at promoting learning that will, say build a better mouse trap, but it will never sponsoor a theory that allows for man to transcend the idea of a mouse trap and create an entirely new scientific world view. Essentially, only government has the longterm commitment and the wherewithal to effectively fund basic scientific research.

9. Make all religious institutions taxable and make all their records public. This pervents resources taht would otherwise be wasted used in a more democratic, efficient manner. It also allows the people to keep an eye on what6 are nothing more than unaccountable private institutions that are directly engaged in propaganda efforts shrounded in mystery and secrecy.

10. Gradually nationalize key industries and large fortune five hundred companies. Theere is no need for the government to micro manage all our economic affairs, but the big guys must be kept on a short lesh, especially GE, GM, ADM, etc.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Please comment on my ideas and tell me what I missed.

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