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Posted by: lark on June 30, 1999 at 14:43:25:

In Reply to: sounds fun posted by Gee on June 30, 1999 at 13:15:07:

: I think you'd find them (companies) moving elsewhere rather than 'being a good boy' and doing what theyre told. Ofcourse you could just seize their assets and hope to make use of them just like those highly unsuccessful state economies of N Kores, old USSR etc.

Recently Gee I think you've been demonstrating a progressive anti-corporate and anti-corporatist (that's the post-modern alliance of buiness men and politicians as opposed to the post war alliance between trade unions and smaller businesses with a left-wing government arbitrator) approach which seems out of the ordinary.

Well you talk about the flight of Capital here, is that a good or bad thing from your perspective, sorry if you've covered this already in another post I dont keep them all checked, I mean if a democratic state cant control capital and producers how can consumers be expected to?

If consumers dont control production then sure that isnt the liberal arrangement you folk would be looking for anyway?

Finally given that this situation exists and provided that your opposed to it what do you think should be done? Me I'd vote for a like minded party or organise something like this site.

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