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Posted by: Lark on June 30, 1999 at 15:02:17:

In Reply to: The imperatives for a socialist future posted by Marcos on June 25, 1999 at 23:34:22:

: 1. Democracy

So what your saying is you'd replace the present system with something more centralised and encourage unquestioning obediance and loyalty toward it. NO THANKS.

Empathise with people not institutes, war on institutes peace to people.

: 2. Morality:

Dont be an idiot friend the collapse of the traditional family (not the authoritarian model of male dominance but the democratic model of mutual aid and solidarity)and the anti-social individualism that has grown up in it's wake is a recipe for the possessive individualism of the yuppie eighties.

I hope your just being controversial here.

: 3. Drugs

Excuse me stormtrooper but if you and your obediant army try to wipe any of my dope smoking friends (I've never done it myself but hey I go for a drink now and then same principle) out you'll have a real fight on your hands.

What a twisted web this is of extreme conservatism and radical destructiveness.....

: 4.Churches and Religion

I feel at this stage that you need to think about liberty and tolerance, I thik they're fairly indispensible elements of a socialist future.

: 5. Racism

It's not really, the majority of capitalists arent racists since it wouldnt serve their interests but the demise of liberal competition, that's competition between socially disposed individuals happy the co-operate and only competiting inorder to establish matters of the public good, such as prices, and the emergence of facist competition that glorifies victory and defeating opponents through ruthlessness, has spread beyond the economic field.

: There you have it comrades. 5 imperatives of our socialist future.

Five imperatives for shit.

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