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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 30, 1999 at 15:50:14:

In Reply to: Argh! posted by Red Deathy on June 30, 1999 at 14:16:43:

: *sigh* economics is about ensuring the cirulation and supply of the means of living to the members of society.

Isnt it just the study and theory of how stuf happens, and 'what if' scenario models? the goals of economists are personal ones.

: Wrong. I am paid the value of my skills on the open market, irrespective of the value of the goods I produce. If my skills are worth $5 dollars, and the thing I make is worth $20 (and total other production costs are a further 45) then my boss takes $10 profit, without working.

(also for benefit of Pig) You had earlier accepted that without the intelligence of the organisation of various contributors to production that it could not occur. Even in a non profit environment your wage could only be the sum of the products value minus the cost of organising and paying for the various other contributors. If the object is worth $20 then you cannot claim it all or you would have cheated all other factors out of their value adding entities.

In dull accounting terms (im not one btw) it is important not to mislead a person into thinking that revenue=wages. Actually revenue=contribution to total costs. I imagine you are aware of that elementary stuff, but its worth repeating.

Your main disagreement with the system seems to be the ownership of capital by individuals rather than 'profits' perse. An organisation owned wholly by its members may still agree to retain profits for investment rather than take it all out, and would be wise to do so whether in a money system or a co-operative commune (which for money read resource).

: Crises happen in spite of politicians

Lets not hero worship a self serving clique in 'democracies' which are barely representative of anyone let alone 'the people'.

: in the 60's most countries had generous unemployement benefits, and full employement

Hmm, think about this one RD - when is it easier to have 'generous unemployment benefits'? When most people are working (and paying taxes) or when many people are not working and drawing benefits? you may have gotten this one the wrong way round, causally.

: Its that noise you make when your mouth pops open, and your eyes glaze blankly over in un-utterable incomprehension....

Oh, I though it was 'wah!'

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