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Soup Kitchen Socialism

Posted by: Lark ( Independent Socalists against scientism, orthodoxy and doctrines, Ireland ) on June 30, 1999 at 17:58:46:

In Reply to: true courage posted by Marcos on June 29, 1999 at 01:48:22:

: I am heartened by your message, but true courage for a socialist my friend is to ask "would you choose to your brother from drowning over a stranger?". When you can honestly answer no, when you understand that all people are brothers - then you are an egalitarian socialist!

Apart from the fact that I think that is remarkably UTOPIAN of you to think that we'll ever let someone close drown infavour of a stranger that is an admirable goal there but if you had to choose between strangers getting shot, strangers possibly capitalists, and the loyalty and obediance required by your party or state what would you do then?

I'd say fuck the government and get down to some serious sedition, the reason "actually existing socialism" imploded and left us with the "end of ideology", "end of history", "Socialism is dead" one dimensional thought is because impassioned and obviously sincere individuals like yourself choose to defend what was rather than fight it with a libertarian alternative.

: Exactly comrade! The revolution is only possible with action. What is to be done!

Action yes, action like cool, calm debate and the combatting of authoritarianism in socialist thought. Action like giving a thirsty person a drink, attending a Gay rights march, going to a reclaim the streets demonstration or working in a soup kitchen.

Not action like violence, histeria and behaving like an unthinking "red hoarde".

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