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Cognitive dissonance 1, logic 0

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on July 01, 1999 at 01:40:49:

In Reply to: and to be right I have to? posted by Gee on June 30, 1999 at 17:57:54:

: : SDF: So? Ideologues don't try to show that their ideology is ideology -- to them, being an ideologue is as natural as the spring rain.

: this is circular, essentially trying to dismiss me by saying "you are blinded to what i am not, therefore you fail to see what I see".

SDF: It was a reference to the text before it, which you deleted. (Are you scared to defend what you said?) What it means is that you still don't see that your position on "comparative advantage" is an ideological one, despite the fact that I've told you this (with reference to your own words) at least twice. My position, that searching for "comparative advantage" is a product of capitalist social conditioning, is ideological too, but at least I admit it. What's more, I offer an explanation for where your position comes from.

: I am focussing on the issue below, I did look into research and was swamped with 'proof' from every viewpoint to the point where, in all honesty, I simply wont spare the time to sift through it. Look for education organisations on yahoo and theyre all in there, all neatly contradicting eachother.

SDF: Yet you boldly went forth to assert an ideological position claiming that teachings on "self-esteem" are what cause low test scores in math, and then you tried to defend that position. It was only the fact that someone else showed you how deficient an argument that was, that caused you to put some time into it.

: A Fantasy. you really think that politians personal goals, church leaders, minority leaders, scores of other pressure groups who seek to influence education and yes business leaders have no effect?

SDF: Don't you think such people are parents and/or teachers? Or do you think politicians, church leaders, minority leaders, and members of pressure groups teach nobody and have no children?

: : SDF: We have majoritarian elections here in the US.

: A minority of the voters, a minority as proportion. AHving said that, 51% doesnt make something represeantive of anything more than 51%

SDF: As the impeccable Gee would put it, voting (or not voting) is widely regarded as a choice made by sovereign individuals. Representatives, by this logic, thus represent those who choose to participate in the process, and this fits the logic of school systems appropriately. There is no way a teacher or a principal or a school board member can respond to a parent who didn't say anything about the schooling process of his or her child.

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