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Quite a track record

Posted by: The capitalist Pig ( Freedom, USA ) on July 01, 1999 at 01:44:21:

In Reply to: giving ammunition to the capitalist generalisers. posted by Lark on June 30, 1999 at 13:17:48:

: CP. : Don't you love it when the true nature of the of socialism rears its ugly head.

: And you excuse me too friend, I can understand your views when all you get is this irrational impassioned rage but dont go of generalising and stamping us all. This isnt an elaborate show, I genuinely think that this guys statist and institutionalising thought is out of sink with empathic humanism, which is the heart and soul of socialism.

CP Lark you are referring to what comrade Marcos wrote not me.

: What? Look what your doing "scientist" your giving ammunition to the capitalist generalisers.

CP: Lark Marcos thinks he is the scientist, again I think your confused as to who wrote what.

: :Socialism means giving up your individuality and any personal property. To Pol Pot this meant even tooth brushes. How would you feel about that?

: I wouldnt be on for it at all but then I'm not that sort of socialist, come on there are many versions of capitalism too and some of them involve state, party and loss of individuality what about

CP: Facism is not free market capitalism. Socialism in each national "experiment" has degenerated into a loss of private property, freedom and in some cases millions of lives, and an economy in complete shambles. Quite a track record

: :Using a state owned tooth brush, how many would you have to share it with? You wouldn't decide, the state would of course and it migh be someone like the character who posted the above message and as he says "come the revolution you will learn".

: Now everyone sees me a socialist in disagreement with the "you will learn" material.

CP: How will you take private property from its owners? All socialists despise private property in one form or another.

: : It is not hard to see why socialist governments have been the most murderous, form of totalitarian govenment we have seen this century.

: Irony, I see we're learning.

CP: Good i am glad you are not trying to defend socialisms vicious past.

: : --
: : McSpotlight: Oh, come off it; you cannot judge an entire school of thought by one person with their own view of it.

No Mcsputnik I am indicting your entire school of thought by its long disastrous history of implementation. Why don't you come off your elitist ivory tower and admit that socialism and communism should relegated to the dustbin of history before it costs millions of more lives.
"A loss of one life is a tradgedy, a loss of many is a statistic."
-Lenin (responsible for 50,000,000 murders of his own countrymen.) Which I suppose is a lesser sin than making Big Macs in your eyes.

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