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Posted by: Flint Jones ( WSA-IWA, U$A ) on July 05, 1999 at 13:32:12:

In Reply to: Quite a track record posted by The capitalist Pig on July 01, 1999 at 01:44:21:

: : : McSpotlight: Oh, come off it; you cannot judge an entire school of thought by one person with their own view of it.

: No Mcsputnik I am indicting your entire school of thought by its long disastrous history of implementation. Why don't you come off your elitist ivory tower and admit that socialism and communism should relegated to the dustbin of history before it costs millions of more lives.

Flint: You know... I don't think C.P. quite understands how ironic his above reply is. McSpotlight was largely started by the actions of a couple of Anarchists redistributing some Green Peace literature. And, ofcourse, "Dustbin of History" is where Trotsky wished to toss "Anarchism". It really is quite funny. Anarchists often criticize Communists for their authoritarian vanguard and democidal histry... and criticize socialism as Slowcialism with a dependency on electoral politics and reformist (capital collaborationist) results. Whats obvious is somehow, C.P. can criticize an entire school of thought he doesn't know a damn thing about... atleast some of us have tried to read Von Mises.

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