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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 08, 1999 at 10:38:15:

In Reply to: Roll me another joint man. posted by Lars on July 07, 1999 at 16:33:14:

: Why the obsession with utility? One might gain the most economic benefit, but thta does not necessarily correlate with a benefit to society, if the wealth so created falls into the hands of elites.

were you answering my post in this? Its doesnt seem to follow the thread.

: Now Gee, if you are proposing what i think you are, that we eliminate all forms of governmental control, then who pray tell me, is to stop people doing what they want.

You and all your neighbours. scary huh.

: It is only government regulation that stops companies

at this point I wonder if you have been reading my previous post about collusion between government and various cronies in protected businesses.

:If there was no penalty imposed for dumping toxic waste in the oceans don't you think companies would do it (even now they do it, though to a lesser extent than they would under your hypothetical) at will?

Why do they don it now? Who owns the sea? Various national claims. If you owned a pond how would you react to people dumping in it? Well ask why government not only dont react, but wont react (hint - theyre not 'good folk' held down by naughty businessmen)

: We have governments to protect people from other people. Without such structures there would be anarchy, and i doubt a well to do libertarian such as yourself would last long in such a place.

and you assume I am 'well to do' for what reason?

: The real enemies in this war are the private individuals and their companies that in effect hold governments to ransom,

its not quite like that lars, government are over a barrel - theyre part of tjhe whole string pulling structure and the focus of the force required by various interest pressure groups.

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