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not class, not party, not vanguard, not the orthodoxy of leninist politics.

Posted by: lark on July 08, 1999 at 10:39:57:

In Reply to: the Scientific Socialist would not posted by Marcos on July 02, 1999 at 14:15:19:

: All tasks are shared with others in an egalitarian society

OK idealism that's fine, just so long as you realise that according to scientists like lenin all tasks where shared but some where shared to non-party men more than others.

: There is no need to fear authority in an egalitarian society unless you are a vile capitalist!

Yes well, I wouldnt call anyone vile because they had different opinions to me or oppress them by authoritarian means either. I dont "fear" authority I'm just wise to it's existance, I think you should be too, my boss would still probubly be my boss in your "free" society, same dog different collar.

Incidentally I cant see any scientists like yourself tolerating dissent, even from other socialists, once you've secured control and empathise with institutes more than humans.

: You need not concern yourself so over factions comrade Lark, where socialism is the right way it does not reuire arguments!

Of course it does, it will always require arguments, socialism will be the product of reasoned and tolerant argument or it will be totalitarian tyranny that is foreign to me a socialist!!

: Religion is not necessary in an egalitarian society, for whom does go to hell or heaven when all are equal?

That's slighty simplistic and the religious element of socialism, most clear in your posts EG faith in authority, institutes, leaders, should be removed from institutes etc. too.

: indeed, for I have posted such to Samuel Fassbinder

Yes but to you democracy is dictatorship to me present democracy is terrible because it may become dictatorship through majorities, I dont even want the prevailance of the many.

: All such tasks may be ours, do not be afraid of a vanguard of an egalitarian socialism.

I'm not afraid I'm just constructively critical, I'm a socialist I empathise with the condition of the least, the destitute the last regardless of the system etc. I can ever empathise with anyone other than these people not class, not party, not vanguard, not the orthodoxy of leninist politics.

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