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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 08, 1999 at 10:40:46:

In Reply to: Slightly bemused posted by Lars on July 07, 1999 at 16:34:01:

: LARS: Unchecked power is likely to result in disaster wherever it is found- governments, individuals or companies. Or any combination of these.

exactly and who is most difficult to check? The one that checks itself - government.

: LARS: SO does the support of the state absolve such companies?

it implicates both as you have said, morally as well.

: LARS: People's failure to hand over money to those in need counts as an omission and generally, as a matter of convention when a person fails to do something it is not considered to be a cause of what follows.

I am pleased you understand that Lars.

: But just because it is a convention, does not mean that we cannot find certain situations where reason demands that justice be done. ie where an omission can act as a cause.

when does that happen?

: LARS: So, this is no reason to do away with government. The ultimate guilt here lies with the shopkeepers, the governments being mere accessories.

They couldnt do it without government - people would shoot back.

: More violence, more death.

Assumption that left alone people become vicious killers? Well people all over are not watched day in day out - and they dont use those opportunities to commit crimes. Why? because they dont want to, rather than fear of prison.

: Government is a sign of civilised society. It is supposed to mediate between the citizens, to allow for a peaceful and beneficial coexistence.

Does it do that more successfully than if people decided among themselves how to associate do you think?

: That it does not do this at present is no reason to condemn government outright.

Any government that believes itself superior in mediating the free association of people is condemnable. A governemnt existing only to stop individuals from initiating force against eachother (a so called nightwatchman state) would seem the best form.

: But really Gee, i thgink i must have misunderstood you, for assuredly NOBODY would ever assert that we do not need governemnt regualtion of business. Ever since there has been business there has been a need of regualtion. That is plain as grass is green.

It may be in your eyes, that doesnt make it a 'truth'

: 1) That there should be no government regulation of companies

: 2) That there should be no governmental ownership of companies

they become the same thing. lets say your neighbour has a car but you can legislate what kind of things he does with it, and you add every year another raft of controls - well is it really his car now? youre mediating nearly every decision regarding it. there is one end point to legislation of of this sort and that is totalitarianism.

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