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empathise with people not systems and institutes.

Posted by: Lark on July 08, 1999 at 10:41:56:

In Reply to: Lark posted by Marcos on July 02, 1999 at 14:14:51:

: Your list has some worthy points as a very initial starting point, perhaps not as couragious as our comrades but worthy.

I think it is no less coragious just springing form a different notion of people you seem to believe that once a leninist government with overwhelming centralisation has been established and a planned economy has been established we will be at socialism.

We will not because greedy or selfish people can still gather wealth etc. this is a recipie for radical paternalistic conservatism, empathise with people not systems and institutes.

: Though I am concerned with this devolurion of government, indeed once we have established our mass consciousness I would support it! However such local committees may act in ways which are inegalitarian, which favor one person over another.

Well it is a case of state or people, a "socialist" state can be overthrown, it happened in Russia etc., and any socialist would rather it's collapse than increasing terror from the New Bosses to maintain it. A socialist people however is unbreakable, look at how hard it is to put socialism on the agenda in America, that's not because you have a capitalist state it's because you have a capitalist people who require persuasion.

: I feel we are misunderstanding one another in our other posts


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