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This is good in theory but...

Posted by: Lark on July 08, 1999 at 11:31:41:

In Reply to: that marriage posted by Gee on June 30, 1999 at 17:58:23:

: Yes, It victimises both consumers and producers who are used to furnish the protected companies (see my response to the huge RD post) to the benefit of the less competent business people and power mongering politicians.

This is good opinion even though I suspect you would champion the consumer before the producer, we're in agreement I wonder if Nostradamus said anything about such a miracle?

: Bad. Even in a socialist country (where capital=resource) it is bad for such to leave the country - it diminishes the potential for economic growth (different than sheer growth, see my respose to the RD post)

But I assume regualtion to prevent such an action would be bad?

: Consumers dont control production but they do choose which priduct from the menu to buy.

Yes and by course of choices they are supposed to control the production of commodities etc. demand and supply. This is good in theory but....

: get rid of business output and you starve the government and the people at the same time, so a far better solution would appear to be reducing vastly the role of government. In that I like yiour idea of highly decentralised community sized governments over huge national ones, despite the fact that such could be terribly oppressive at a local level (at least people could more readily overthrow them or just leave)

Well given that it is business that is bullying the electorate and not democratic governments, starving the government would be have little effect, it would probubly even strengthen the hand of capital.

Government by local committees would be a good idea because at present politicians can hide in ultra secure mansions and never worry about the implications that their actions have on the public, now if you could lean over your wall and shout "what the hell are you doing subsidising the rich?!" then public opinion might mean something and we could move on to a more participatory and cheaper government.

I'm keeping track of the NI partnership boards I think you should too they might just be a good model of "government" by local committees if they wherent so costly and monopolised by the filthy Confederation of British Industry.

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