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What if it isnt us but you that's being duped

Posted by: Lark on July 08, 1999 at 12:48:25:

In Reply to: Wake up your being duped! posted by The Capitalist Pig on July 08, 1999 at 10:55:02:

: CP I merely saying that anyone who wants to see socialism and or communism implemented will end up the same way as it has everywhere else. I have explained this before if you had been paying attention.

Your lumping all the different strands of thought together, now you dont appreciate it when "free" market capitalism is lumped with nazi capitalism do you? Pay us the same respect as stop generalising.

: : You are following Goebbels' tactic: "Everything repeated three times is true." Now (to use your tactics, and to repeat your fallacious line of reasoning) Goebbels and his friend Hitler and their friends, they really taught those Commies a lesson! And they were good capitalist pigs to boot, directing lots of business to the national industries and all, pulling their country out of a depression! So whose murderous past is it?

: CP You are comparing Nazi Germany to free market capitalism. This may
: work on the uninformed out there, but any thinking person will realize you have lost this point.

No SDF is refering to your tendency to unthinkingly accept what you have read, been told, would like to think about socialism and which is simply isnt the case.

This is the lumping of nazi capitalism and your capitalism together that you dont appreciate, if you continue to say all socialism/communism ends in russian style anti-socialist apocalypse then I might begin repeating lines about all capitalism ends in nazism.

: CP: So you are similar to the holocaust deniers? Denying the severity of crimes of socialist countries. I have always thought the that communism and fascism are more similar than most would care to admit.

No one version of communism and facism ARE similar but they all arent, it's like saying all capitalism and facist capitalism are the same it simply isnt true. No one has denied any severity and those who have celebrated leninism on this page where berated first by the left not your right-wing selves. I think the label of holocaust denier shouldnt be banded around like that either friend it belittles the genocide of the holocaust and is not the sort of exchange I'd expect between people of goodwill.

: CP: The BZZt is in your head I think you been smoking to much of those mustard greens. I have read your green party platform. Its very much the same as the communist party U.S. The language is couched as very caring and compassionate but all boils down to the same thing, abolition of private property, or controlling it to such an extent that it really cannot be called private.

I'm ignoring this because it's capitalist smoke.

: CP: Sam I am sorry to say it but you have been either duped or are so ideologically deep you cannot see the forest for the trees.

That is very condescending if your approach is anything to go by blood transfusions would never have been discovered because the initial deaths resulting from a complete ignorance of blood types would have called the whole thing off.

: CP: You are avoiding Sam, why is there such high un employment and low productivity? Why are companies leaving europe Sam?

Because companies are unbenevolent money makers who would happily gut a nation for a dollar. How do you guage productivity when nearly all tasks are automated? Your nation has low unemployment but look what the people are being paid it should make you all feel ashamed that the richest nation on the earth is full of companies that cant afford to pay people decent wages.

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