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Capitalist pride

Posted by: Lark ( Lets make it up as we go along socialists ) on July 08, 1999 at 12:49:41:

I was very glad to hear Gees denounciations of capitals flight between countires and the tendency of corporates to really give the consumer and producer a pounding because just as socialists in a terrifyingly irrational fashion (present company of enlightenment socialists excepted) justify and empathise with the actions of institutes and the institutionalism of "socialist" countries rather than people I've found that many, many capitalists empathise with corporates and rich business men who choose to become tax exiles.

Capitalist Pig for instance asked SDF why where companies leaving europe, why where people unemployed (maybe because the government would meet with such opposition if it joined with business to bully the poeple into servility to the interests of semi-fuedal lords who want them to forget their interests and adopt theirs) and I dont think the pride of a capitalist was abscent in his motivation. Where has this tendency to empathise with the most unscrupulous and ruthless individuals come from?

If anyone was a greater traitor to the enlightenment liberal dream of scrupulous competition conducted with decency in the aim of public service by way of reducing prices through efficiency not slashing wages and reducing employment it must be the modern rich, so why celebrate their victories?

The reason companies are leaving europe is because:
1) their bastards interested only in profits happy to trample over people, nations and freedom aspiring to a meaness and ruthless competition championed by facists everywhere, although whether they are actually fullblown facists (facism incorporating not just these competitive notions but racism, statism and nationalism too) is definitely a different matter.
2) they are without choice because once the bastards downsize to prey on the poor and hire the mercenary governments of the third world to wipe out trade unionism and even liberal opposition in a way they only dreamed of in the third world they are without option. Competition incthese circumstances may be terrible but for those with the wealth to mount an individual resistance and without thought for a collective one it is an option.

If Libertarian capitalists like Gee are to be true to the enlightenment dream they claim they must forsake the sanctifying propertarianism they now espouse and unite with the anti-totalitarian socialists of such as myself who wouldnt mind small unexploitative markets operating alongside socialism in a manner that can be regulated by the consumer as the liberals intended.

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