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Defining the 'working class'

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 09, 1999 at 12:31:18:

Anyone wish to have a go at defining the working class in an exclusive bound and precise manner?

Then doing so with the 'capitalist class'? and any others we might mentions?

Without a really good definition all talk of 'class' is quite irrelavent, and weve gone on so much about it all that the definitions have spread thinly over a few hundred posts.

Incidently SDF (if you are reading), following an earlier link to what seems to be a second home, I found your description of me as "appears to be some robot programmed by the Cato Institute." most amusing and RD, I wonder if I will recognise the "grappling point" on me, and I agree discussing with you- its good for honing my arguments and letting 'neutrals' see them too.

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