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in the good 'ol capitialist USA

Posted by: DonS ( USA ) on July 12, 1999 at 10:04:45:

In Reply to: I was hoping you'd say exactly this posted by Lark on April 26, 1999 at 14:02:46:

: I mean do people stop working currently the minute they earn enough to live? There are other factors such as greed, already mentioned, job satisfaction or labour for labours sake, achievement.

(Don): Many people do stop working whenever they can. Those that do choose to work may work in areas that give them great satisfaction, but have no value to society. In a capitalist society, you must create something of value to someone else in order to earn a wage. If the demand for food goes up, the reward for growing food goes up, and someone will meet the added demand.

(Don): If you only work for personal satisfaction, you will create that which gives the most satisfaction, not that which others desire or need. There can be a demand for food, and you could busy yourself making model ships. There is no reason for you to grow crops (except on the side, for yourself and your family), unless there is some incentive. Job satisfaction and labor for labor's sake are not sufficient.

(Don): Someone must meet the basic demands of society. These people must either be forced to do so, or they must do so because they have a basic incentive. Capitalism provides an incentive. Socialism does not.

(Don): This was seen in early Jamestown, where hunting was collectivized. So no one wanted to hunt--during the day--becuase they would have to share the meat. People hunted at night, secretly, so they could keep ALL of the meat for their family. For example, if you killed a deer and it was divided amongst the town, you would get very little. You would also get a portion from other people's kills, but you will get that ANYWAY. It makes more sense for you to make the kill at night and keep the whole portion. There is NO reason to share. If Jamestown had adopted a capitalist system, it would make sense to make a kill and SELL whatever portion of the meat your family didn't need.

: The greatest thing is that capital, that, that exists I'd like to see an acceleration in co-ops or collectivisation as an accompaniment to Citizens Wage, wouldnt be able to push people around. Shity authoritarian bosses would be rooted out because otherwise no one is going to work for you, unlike at present where they have to.

(Don): No one I know, in the good 'ol capitialist USA, HAS TO work for their boss. The job market is great. You can find another job if you want to. On the other hand, I think any socialist system will eventually have to force people to work; such a system will lead to people working for horrific bosses without any option to quite.

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