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The Truth about an American University

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( PCC, MA, USA ) on July 12, 1999 at 10:13:34:

Many people in America tend to think that universities are a bastion of progressive and/or socialist thinking. The facts, however, spesak othgerwise. Today Harvard University is one of the most powerful and most predatory companies in the world. As an undergraduate and a lab assistant on their payroll, I would like to offer my own view of the many ways in which Harvard University has adopted increasingly reactionary policies.

1) They refuse to abide by a city law calling flr a 10-dollar per hour minimum wage. This is utterly necessary ion a city whose cost of living is as high as Cambridge.

2) They have threatened to lay off their entire security force and replace it with low-paid workers "outsourced" from Pinkerton's.

3) They have heavy investments in Shell Oil, one of the world's most greedy and tyrannous companies which continues to steal the wealth of the Nigerian people without giving them back anything but pollution, death asnd political repression.

4) Their politics and economics faculty abounds with conservatives who do their best to indoctrinate impressionable youth with the virtue of selfishness.

5) They mintained their right to use sweatshop labor iuntil this spring.

6) They routinely buy up land in the largely blue-collar Brighton area and render this land non-taxable, to the anger of local residents.

7) Two economists were recently investigated for insider trading in Russia, where hey'd been saent to reform the economy. in other words, rthese men madevfortunes while impoverishing the Russian people.

Given all of this, I feel thsat to call siuch universities hgotbeds of socialism is a serious mistake. My university, at present, has a shamefully reactionary profile.

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