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Plea for wise management addressed to those who refuse to believe

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on July 12, 1999 at 10:15:43:

In Reply to: and you really do? posted by Gee on July 08, 1999 at 10:42:27:

: Whatever the limit to the current choices I can bet you an earth friendly 'green world' will have less choices for me and millions of others

SDF: Envirophobia, unsubstantiated, unexplained. What I'd like to know is how there are supposed to be MORE opportunities after the end of the Era of Cheap Oil.

: : bringing up alternatives nobody wants is just more advertising for the "choice" we are required to accept.

: Complaining about the current choices without offering *anything* else is even worse. what kind of life is painted for the alternatives? what kind of advertising?

SDF: Oh, RD, Gideon, and I have offered these choices already. You don't choose them, that's all.

: : SDF: This "coercion" line is a straw figure -- people "coerce" others all the time, and frankly I think you should go about your life objecting loud and clear every time everyone coerces anyone else. Let's see how many friends you make.

: Examples?

SDF: It's your accusation. YOU offer the examples. I've already discussed society's coercive insistence that new mothers don't abandon their babies in garbage dumpsters. Oh! that evil coercion!

: : The notion that overpopulation was not a real problem when the world held three billion people does not automatically imply that it isn't a problem today with the world at six billion people.

: Nor will it when there are 10 billion without any massive scale 'die offs'

SDF: Evidence?

: : SDF: So what you're saying is that, instead of saving the rainforests of Brazil (since we don't really know who will use their genetic pools for the future of medicine, or for the future of the planetary ecology),

: well damn the stone age man who chopped down the last type x willow tree for firewood. with the above logic we should all be placed in stasis except for a few research scientists so as to make only the tiniest dent in anything.

SDF: Nope, wise management doesn't mean that. It takes a mass market, not just a guy with an axe, to extinguish species at the rate we're doing it.

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