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Subject? Oh, nothing important, just high treason!

Posted by: Edvard Villiams ( Nuke the pinko-commie-liberal-wackos inc., The glorious United States of America ) on July 13, 1999 at 18:09:37:

Hey, commies who live in the States, do you realize that your conspiring to change the economic system is treason? The only legal way to change it is get elected to office and then try to do it. (Like Clintion has tried, but failed miserably at it...tee hee.) The FBI has files on more Americans than I can count, and I think they would have cause to have quite a thick file on each of you commies. Might I remind you that high treason against the United States is punishable by death? Remember a couple people named "the Rosenburgs???" You've been warned.

McSpotlight: Good grief. It can even use four-syllable words...shame it doesn't seem to realize that most of the world aren't from the U.S. Shame it also seems to be unaware of the idea of "freedom of speech".

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