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Posted by: Truth ( usa ) on July 16, 1999 at 03:07:15:

There will be no revolution,which brings peace if it starts with war
There will be nothing to see except the vast realization of TRUTH by all peoples in the world.When peace,true peace,comes.
As the "REAL" knowledge of life is found by more people the world will then grow closer.
Anything a man(or woman)does is to feel"CLOSER".Closer to what?
No kind of "system" can provide man with what he needs.
Only the realization of what is inside himself and others,for what we and all things are and not what we "perceive or wish" them to be will solve our problems today.
We have run away from truth since the beginning of history as I am sure many of you have alredy realized.
Toleration and acceptance of EVERYTHING by EVERYONE is the only"SYSTEM" that can and will work.
It creates balance,as nature does.
It is enevitable that this will happen it is but a matter of time.
Watch our mother Earth she discriminates from no one and for nothing
because she KNOWS that in that so-called compassion for difference only destruction lies.

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