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Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on July 19, 1999 at 14:57:49:

In Reply to: lyrics posted by Gee on July 16, 1999 at 21:04:37:

: : SDF: Care to clarify the magically-assumed relationship of the Green Party with "restrictive laws"

: Perhaps you might look up the link yourself and read the intended policies.

SDF: What a dialogue! Gee can't be bothered to give an explanation of what he just said!

: : SDF: My attachment to statism is that, all things considered, I would prefer social democracy to anarcho-capitalist phony utopia. It doesn't really extend beyond that.

: The lesser of what you see as two evils? How pragmatically compromising. A little compromised bit of what you want rarely gives any satisfaction.

SDF: Go off and dream of your phony utopia.

: : SDF: Ignoring that many large corporations are larger, today, than most states,

: Except their keepers, American and European governments.

SDF: So Exxon is a US Government property. LOL!

: : I believe I've answered the rest of Gee's

: And I have answered them.

SDF: Yep, that's your style of debate. Make sure every post on this whole board gets some rabbit-turd of a response, no matter how illegitimate. It seems to be a divine duty of yours. Who's paying you to do this, since all of what you do amounts to a blind, deaf and dumb celebration of the profit motive?

: :he seems to believe that corporate welfare is something governments force on corporations etc.

: You seem to grossly misintepret what I have posted then.

SDF: Nope, it's a consequence of what you said, that it's really the governments controlling the corporations. Well, since the corporations gain more in corporate welfare than they lose in corporate taxes, and since they gain all sorts of freedom from responsibility for their members for being corporations, freedom not possessed by ordinary mortals under corporate law, one must note that governments "control" corporations by giving away the store to them...

: :, that most people in the US pay rent and earn wages from the government

: Gross misintpretation 2. deliberate ones perhaps.

SDF: Nope, it follows from your assumptions about rule by that evil government...

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