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Aye lad, smashing at that.

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 19, 1999 at 19:45:54:

In Reply to: Gee, int familly grand? posted by Red Deathy on July 19, 1999 at 14:10:11:

: Its interesting to note, that the neo-liberals do tend to make this exception for the familly, we are all selfish, grasping individuals, except for familly, where we become sacrificing and loving. There are problems with this model,

Being loving is the most selfish act there is. Tip, how to really insult a woman (actual case reported in 'psychology today', or something). A woman gives up her very successful career to take care of her seriously ill husband. Aquaintance comments to her 'oh you are so unslefish to do that'. Woman angrily retorts "how dare you, I love my husband - this is the most selfish thing I have ever done"

No sacrifice on her behalf - she chose the greater value over the lesser value - geddit?

1:What familly-

Those people you value very much. Include some friends too. When youre an adult the relationship is provisional and revocable - like all good relationships

: 2:Do we prioritise, is there a famillial hierarchy (one child over another, a favourite grandparent, a hated neice, etc.)?

Yep, just like you do when you prefer one person over another.

: 3:Why is the familly such an exception

It isnt, its a readily accepted example. your friends are just as appropriate.

: Since Gee thinks seeking Comparative advantage for kin is good,

I say 'it is' rather than add a value judgement.

: and the free givign of property is to be utterly unrestricted,

restrict it and its resisted. There was no 'ought' in my points previously.

: then he must be accepting that, say, a rich man can give well paying (and perhaps largely meaningless) posts and jobs to his idiot son, over them as, perhaps, might dserve them more- again, the Economies of the Pac-Rim provide examples of such fillial loyalty.

He sure can, not very clever as the idiot son might drag the business and mean they do worse against competition, but he can choose that.

: It seems to me, that the familly presents a large and gaping contradiction to the doctrines of individualism, an aporia that is usually left unspoken.

No, its spoken now. All comes down to discriminatory valuing of people by individuals.

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