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What would that estimate be based upon?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 20, 1999 at 17:14:19:

In Reply to: Insidious, innit? posted by Red Deathy on July 20, 1999 at 15:59:14:

: You're missing the analogy- the bus route is the puublic productive system, changing the public system (i.e. cutting off the money supply) is our act.

If it results in a loss to a rich family the same way that the failure of the family business would then I can see your point. if the loss is caused by the deliberating looting of the family business then invoking a definition - thats thievery.

: No, because we will work to maintain our living standards, while they work, with our help, to raise theirs, and quickly.

So their will be a lag time, probably a generation or two - during which the west must be stagnant.

: No, not a downturn, equality is possible, within, I should think, 10 years.

What would that estimate be based upon? I thought more two generations (40ish yrs) because of the sheer scale of work required and the need to hold back western growth meanwhile.

: No, no change in prioritioes- schools, hospitals clothes, housing and food are what they want now, and thats what they'll want then.

They will want it for themselves more than for others.

: It fits in that one has, without justice, gained, while the other has not, and as a result of unconscious human agency- it can be changed to make them both equal, without being injust.

Except you must be unjust toward the parents etc. Unless they are considered as children too.

: No, 51% is a slight majority, not a massive majority.

If 99 people decide to hang you and only you vote against - does it become 'right'?

: No, its not breeding, it better conditions within the home of the child being born- i.e. if suddenly a rich familly became poor, their children would perform as well as the poor children would.

Not necessarily. Where families have different ways of raising their children, even if their economic situation is identical, different outcomes occur.

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