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Ah, ya bugger!

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on July 21, 1999 at 12:58:12:

In Reply to: cant keep up with that there northen talk! posted by Gee on July 20, 1999 at 18:16:44:

: In class wont mean every one else RD, it will be the select few that you value

Indeed, and it'll mean all the people that folks like me value, and the ideas that we value (and our values, even), which extends outwards to this thing called class, millions of people in a similar social situation to me.

: all those poeple discriminatingly valuing others, not wanting to chuck it all into a central pot because it means not achiving their values (and thus not being 'happy')

Or, perhaps, wanting to chuck it into a central pot because it'll make them and theirs happy.

: Your workmates? 12 of them, 100? How many do you think others choose? be prepared for small numbers, divergent conflicting goals, means and effects.

I choose twelve, they all choose thwelve, who each chose twelve, all those twelves intersecting, forming something larger...

: Good, so you see why a person doesnt chuck his ability into a central pot for all to take from, but wants to give it to that which *he* values. Wants to control whom the benefit gets to.

No, that peron wants to see whats best for their own, not necessarilly wanting to be the great gift gier- thats a different story.

: They wont, commune A may not give a rats arse about Commune B any more that an Ethiopian might give about a Honduran.

Indeed, they might not, except that they need each others produce.

: The I must take the above as acceptance that people wont be acting 'from their ability to other needs' unless they absolutely have a huge influence in where there ability goes and to whom.

Why should I care about how my labour is applied, so long as me and mine are well? plus your model is all one way, make it two ways, three ways, twelve ways, and it becomes different.

: No, where does it state that.

The Myth of Robinson Cruseo is the central starting point for most liberal thinking, the man alone.

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