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isnt that illegal?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 21, 1999 at 14:41:25:

In Reply to: Ah, ya bugger! posted by Red Deathy on July 21, 1999 at 12:58:12:

: Indeed, and it'll mean all the people that folks like me value, and the ideas that we value (and our values, even), which extends outwards to this thing called class, millions of people in a similar social situation to me.

They dont therefore share your values, as evidenced from your many months of discussion here. Most of the disagreements come from people whose social situation is broadly similar to yours. Even if all people valued their friends/family they shall be valuing different people and seeking to place their effort to the benefit of those people and self, not to the various people valued by others.

: Or, perhaps, wanting to chuck it into a central pot because it'll make them and theirs happy.

Dreamy. The only 'central pot' they'll accept is one exclusive to the valued ones, however intricate and overlapping the web of valued people is a big global pot does nothing to answer peoples personal values and alot to frustrate them.

: I choose twelve, they all choose thwelve, who each chose twelve, all those twelves intersecting, forming something larger...

Each of you in the mix wanting *your* values met creating conflict in how you want your ability apportioned. It doesnt all 'balance out' somehow.

: No, that peron wants to see whats best for their own, not necessarilly wanting to be the great gift gier- thats a different story.

You misunderstand. If A values B aswell as self then A will work toward A & B, A will not want C to take what he can give to A&B.

: Indeed, they might not, except that they need each others produce.

Hence their rats arses are only alerted when mutual benefit is available and only to the extend of that benefit - not everything or nothing, but selective trade.

: Why should I care about how my labour is applied, so long as me and mine are well?

Thats why you care - to make them and you well, and when they are well - if you value making them even 'weller' over the next bunch of folk thats what you'll want to do. Why stop at a 'well' level - people dont.

: The Myth of Robinson Cruseo is the central starting point for most liberal thinking, the man alone.

The man alone is related to the fact that no man can know anothers mind - that man cannot be part of another in any objectively real fashion.

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