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Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on July 23, 1999 at 18:27:26:

In Reply to: Socialism seems to have no feedback system posted by DonS on July 23, 1999 at 12:19:18:

: : : : :
: : : : : Capitalism is going to fail . . . just wait.

: : : : SDF: Proved every link on this page wrong, have you? Please share the proofs, now don't be stingy....

: : : Don: Nice link. I made it a favorite in my "silly ideas" folder.

: : SDF: And I've classified you as a silly person, but so what, that doesn't mean anything... I'm still waiting for this refutation...

: Don: If you want to post something specific, I'll do my best to answer it. I'm not going to waste my time trying to answer every stupid point they try to make.

SDF: I don't see a reason to answer every stupid point you make, either. Glad we agree on that one.

: Don: Could you please explain to me how your socialist system will determine what to produce, and how much? Capitalism, with supply and demand provides a wonderful feedback system. Socialism seems to have no feedback system, as far as I can see. How will this work?

SDF: How about democracy, RD has discussed it in great detail, but if you weren't paying attention then, why would you pay attention now?

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