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One Gapes in Awe.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on July 29, 1999 at 13:13:30:

In Reply to: Capital creates Inequality posted by brandon on July 28, 1999 at 13:56:31:

: Karl Marx once said that Capitilism was the best economic system ever devised...and he was right it is the most efficient but other than that there is nothing.

*You are correct. Outside of the capitalist system, there are no workable economic paradigms. All other systems predicate their existance on the reservoir of wealth created by capitalist investment and development, and succeed in direct proportion with how well they facilitate this activity, or inversely to their interference and skimming mechanisms. One might even say that these 'alternate systems' are nothing more than protection schemes, who profit by their interference with or defense of trade. Thus, the inevitability of the tax.

Capitalism creates intentional inequality among the masses.

*This is very true. Poverty cannot exist without property. One cannot want for wealth if there is no such thing. Thus, the example of primitive societies - where there is no reasoning, no invention, no products, there is no envy or greed. Progress, and science, are the bane of equality. Where there is no scheme of reward or punishment, there is no need for the clutter of directed thought.

It provides for a small percentage of rich and a large percentage of poor because it thrives off the constant cycle of cheap labor and resources.

*Also true. Especially through that nefarious hand-maiden of the capitalist, technology, resources become valuable and cheap simultaneously. What wealth is there in an inky fluid? It tastes terrible, soils the skin, and is altogether unpleasant. Yet, with the application of refineries, industrial manufacturers, shipping companies, and so forth, it becomes a means for powered flight, light at night, plastic implements, and a host of other equality-busting diversions. Plus, such activities as these facilities demand create jobs for the unwary, who might otherwise be gainfully employed at gathering berries, small eggs and tasty insects. As our Good Mother intended, no doubt.

If you look at the horrors of international capatilism you can see the travesty it's so called benefits have caused(i.e. Royal Dutch Shell, Elf Aquitaine, Gerber, Proctor & Gamble).

*Quite right, quite right.

Unfortuanetely so called measures set in place to halt corporations such as these(EU etc.) have failed horribly as individual countries will not accept anything that hurts their country rather than looking at the betterment of the whole.

*A strange perversion of the common masses, who value petty trinkets of this materialistic world over fine and noble concepts - like, for example, serving the tribal elders. For shame.

: Capatilism doesn't work!!!!

*No, it does not. In point of fact, at this point in history, with such a perfidious abundance at hand, it frequently plays. Ah, this pitiful blindness of these fat and soulless capitalist swine! If he would but only give his wealth up to the wise primitives, and accept the murderous abuse he so rightly deserve!

: Anok & Peace (Yeah. Right.)
: Brandon *with qualifications by the most inclement Doctor Cruel.

P.S. Incidentally ... Is anyone aware that Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world? I wonder why ...

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